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Great Goal Setting: 3 Easy Steps to your Health Goals

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I hear you, hun: you've set a bunch of health goals throughout your life, all in an attempt to feel better and more in control of your health, but somehow these goals got lost somewhere along the way.

Stress happened, life happened, going out with friends and wanting to no longer feel restricted happened, and your goals took a backseat to your life.

Well guess what? This bs cycle of motivation, poor implementation, then guilt happens to everyone. It's definitely more common than you think. And it's definitely something that you can break free from.

How do I do this?

GGS - Great Goal Setting. You learn how to set goals properly, and then how to plan for them accordingly.

Simple, right? Yup, but sure as hell not easy.

The first thing I'd like for you to do when setting your health goal is to identify the feeling that you're going for. What is it that will get you going, what is it that makes you feel so damn excited about your goal that you can't contain yourself? Do you want to feel energized, fabulous, feminine, vibrant, powerful? Whatever it is, write it down.

Tied into this first step is your WHY. Why do you want to feel this feeling you're going after? Do you want to feel more energized because you want to wake up earlier and work on your side hustle, so that a year from now you can be self-employed and free? Or maybe you want to have more energy for your kids? Write your why down, and really, really feel it within.

The second part of this process is identifying the outcome that will give you your desired feeling.

This is where most of us screw up when it comes to goal setting: we start the entire process with the outcome. We say our goal is lose 10 lbs, when in reality losing 10 lbs is simply the outcome that will help us feel more vibrant, energized, fabulous, etc. Understanding the difference between the outcome and the actual goal will help you make more of your dreams come true.

The third, and last part of your GGS plan is where it gets juicy. This is actually where your goals come into play: your goals are the daily actionable steps that you will implement in order to obtain that desired feeling. Make sure that these action steps are actually doable on a daily basis and that they fit into your daily routine, because if they don't it'll be easier to steer off the right path and right back into guilt city.

Another great tip is actually writing your daily goals down and placing them somewhere where you can see them every day. To me that's the #1 key to keeping my goals in check; otherwise life happens and in a moment of stress or sadness I'll simply forget that I decided to stop eating chocolate (yes, I've actually done that before).

Give me an example, please!

Let's say you've noticed a tendency of coming home after work and not wanting to cook: you're tired, you've had a long day, and that couch looks really appealing. Instead, you reach for a frozen, processed meal, or even for a bag of chips for dinner. You want to break this bad habbit and eat healthier, but you've set this goal so many times and then given in on super stressful and long days that you don't know what to do anymore.

What to do, what to do... Use GGS of course!

First you'll identify the feeling you're looking for and the outcome: let's say you want to feel proud of your eating habits (as opposed to the late-night guilt you're currently going through) and your desired outcome is to eat whole-food dinners.

Now come your actual goals, which might look something like this:

  1. write out my weekly meal plan on Saturday

  2. grocery shop and meal prep all dinners for the week on Sunday

  3. make kale/brussel sprout chips on weekends to have for snacking

  4. avoid frozen food isle at grocery store

  5. write down goals and stick them on the fridge

See? That wasn't so bad, right?

I know you have what it takes to make your goals happen, but unfortunately you might not have been taught the proper way of doing all this -I know I haven't been, and it took me waaaay to long to figure this stuff out. School doesn't teach us, our parents probably didn't even think about theaching us (they did think of almost everything else after all, bless their hearts), so it's up to us to make it happen. GGS is a simple plan you can follow when trying to make a change in your health, or in any other aspect of your life, so give it a try!

Tag me on Insta @pathtoswellness and let me know if you've tried this! And if you want more tips on setting goals and living your healthiest life, sign up below and I'll send you more goodies!




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