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 Hi! I'm Atena. I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach, a passionate gut advocate and healer, and a recovering sugar addict. 

I help young men and women like you heal their digestive systems, fight inflammation, and find their way back to a life of balance by:

  1.  Providing 1:1 health coaching and personalized  programs focused on your specific needs and on returning your gut to a state of health;

  2.  Educating through videos and blog posts tailored towards replacing our existing -and unfortunately mostly incorrect- beliefs about food and health;

  3.  Living what I teach.

What I do
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I was born and raised in Romania, in a small town somewhere in the Carpatian mountains. I moved to the United States when I was 18 and I attended NYU and the University of Miami. I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Anthropology and French (and completed my pre-med courseload), and in 2016 with a Masters in International Relations and Political Science.

I now live in Las Vegas with my boyfriend Jeramy and our adorable and ridiculously smart pup, Loki. I am an avid meditator and gym goer, a book lover, a Harry Potter and New Girl addict, and a dedicated bubble bath taker. 

My health journey

When I was 22 I had my first encounter with what would turn into a persistent and frustrating health concern. My hives began aggressively, covering my entire back, stomach or legs, and nobody could tell me what it was from. The doctors I saw never asked me about my lifestyle, the food I was eating, or anything of the sort, but were quick to offer a daunting verdict: that hives are almost never cured and the only way to manage the symptoms is to take as many anti-histamine pills a day as you need to. For me that was 3. 

I was living a life controlled by my "uncurable" hives.

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The story of how I healed myself is one that might be familiar to you: a change in lifestyle and an increased focus on self-care, a good night's sleep, and whole foods. Slowly I started to realize that my body was now sounding the alarm everytime I veered off the healthy path, because despite the 3 daily pills I was on I was still getting flareups after eating something "bad" (the middle picture was taken after I gave in to my cravings and had a bright-blue shaved ice cone). 

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Enter the

Soon my need for healthy habits turned into a passion, which I then decided to turn into a career. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2019 and through the program I discovered the keys to my recovery: chronic inflammation and reduced sugar intake (which was very hard to do considering that I was eating upwards of 100g of sugar per day). This focus on anti-inflammatory foods and practices and on drastically diminishing my sugar consumption is what I call the Swell Life, and is what I teach and preach to whoever has the desire to radically improve their health!

Through the Swell Life I managed to wean myself off the 3 daily anti-histamines I was taking and am happy to report that I am no longer taking ANY

Are you currently struggling with a health concern and want to know if the Swell Life can help? Drop me a few notes about your issue and I will reach out shortly!

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